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Community Interaction

    Visit rural educational institutes (Madarssa and government schools)
    Meet local artisans, farmers & cottage industries
    Interaction with village womenfolk

Arts and culture

    Tie Die
    Puppet making and puppet show
    Visit to local ruins and monuments
    Film Screenings
    Theater & Music Workshop

Adventure activities

    Rock Climbing 111
    Flying Fox

Photography and Filmmaking

    Composition study
    Introduction camera and lenses, photography equipment
    Photo editing- crop, enhancing

Conservation Education & Biodiversity Learning

    Basics of Ornithology
    Microscopic biology
    Jungle Safari at Sariska Tiger Reserve
    Energy Conservation Workshop
    Conservation through photography


    Solar Astronomy using the Hydrogen Alpha telescope
    Desktop solar scope
    8 Cassegrain Telescopes
    Solar shades
    Knex Engineering Challenge
    Stomp Rocketery

Science Demonstration

    Basics of Aero dynamics & flight
    Fun with Experiments & Models
    ICT- Information & Communication Tools