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Our camps and curriculum include activities on , , , , , , , . These are designed to expand young minds in a non-competitive, small group environment in the exhibition of orchards and camps alongside a warm bonfire. Each Educational Module results in a sustainable and long-lasting learning outcome.

The Maria's Braveheart Venture was founded by Nellie Ahmed Tanweer to design a form of environmental facility as the most appropriate means to make biodiversity education available for schools and universities in India. The strategy includes workshop for students in implementing biodiversity education to energize young minds and stimulate the quest for discovery as a part of every student's academic experience while travelling outside the confinement of school boundaries to unfamiliar lands. Our programmes help students understand the importance of natural resources, develop values, scientific skills such as sky vision, inventorying and monitoring the bio-resources while developing eco-consciousness in our facility located at Gailpur, Rajasthan.

Being the 21' Century Educators for more than 25 years, we have learned that the nature & wilderness can be the best classrooms. We have found that an outdoor adventure, with excellent leaders and peers, can be the most defining and positive experience in a student's life, the 'Bravehearts of tomorrow'.

'The Maria's Braveheart-Northeast Eco Camp' offers programs to all types of schools, colleges, and universities. From team building events and adventure camps to specialist surveys, media studies in photography & film making, we can arrange the perfect outdoor activity programmed to suit you. Community learning with surveys and documentation of the village life, agriculture, geography, anthropology, social interaction, and the students get to explore and learn from the mundane aspects of life, away from the concrete. We understand that each institution & organization is unique, so we tailor make our packages to suit your student's needs.