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Our educational trip to Maria’s Braveheart Educational camp was an enthralling experience which I can never ever forget. Students from diverse background and interest came to explore this trip.Those long drawn ornithological talks with a wizard like Mr Biswajit De Sir will always be cherished by us. From the allotment of tents to hands on field experience was so interesting. We thank Nellie Maam for her unending support and encouragement. Ms Arnabi Chakravarty and Ms Jyotsna Das from Maria Public School Guwahati cannot be expressed in mere words. We still cherish their care and kindness.We had panel discussion with Australian Conservationists Ms Barbara Sing and Kim Davis. We started working as researchers. I hope to take research as my career. Gailpur offered us a chance to meet extraordinary people in life. - Khushi Panchbhai, DPS Raipur
I now believe that learning beyond classroom changed our world.We were fortunate to carry out this remarkable journey with students of Maria’s Public school, Guwahati.Our educational trip journey to Maria’s Braveheart included talks with experienced naturalists, camel cart drive to local government school, authentic cultural exchange and infinite number of remembrances . We saw spectacular natural wonder’s through the lens of our coarse co-ordinator Biswajit Sir’s SLR camera. The boundless avian biodiversity was marvellous indeed. Million dollar thanks to Our Principal Sir Mr Raghunath Mukherjee and Ms Neille Ahmed Tanweer.Thanks to Ms Arnabi Chakravarty and Ms Jyotsna Das for their love and affection. This trip had a powerful impact on us. We intend to preserve Mother Nature to our fullest in future. - Yashaswi Patel, DPS Raipur
I was very enthusiastic about 4 day trip to Maria’s Braveheart Camp to Gailpur.We thank Nellie maam for such a wonderful tailor-made field experience. We also thank Co-ordinator sir Mr. Biswajit De for taking learning outside our classrooms. We met real good academically inclined students from Maria’s Public school, Guwahati, Assam. It was fun to join hands with them to explore nature.The tents in the camp was fun filled. This was first time in our life that we stayed so close to nature.This was beyond our expectations. Such culturally enriching field trips are in decline. The regular eco –activities are worth a praise. May we get such chances in future as well. We thank Neille Ma’am for this. - Rounak Bajaj, DPS Raipur
A good break from a normal routine.This Ecocamp not only provided an alternative educational opportunities but they also benefitted the community by visiting to a nearby Government school. The help rendered by Nellie Ma’am will always be cherished by me throughout my life. Biswajit Sir’s guidance to identify birds helps me to dream to explore more birds in future and find out ways to conserve them. I thank Principal Sir Mr Raghunath Mukherjee was giving me such a rare opportunity. We cannot forget the care of Arnabi Ma’am and Jyotsna Ma’am.Hope to meet you all sometime in future. - Mridul Agarwal, DPS Raipur
Nothing beats the magic of an outdoor learning. It’s a break from the routine. I extend my deepest thank to our Principal Sir Mr Raghunath Mukherjee. Biswajit sir, the co-ordinator of this curriculum constantly guided us to explore nature through activities, early morning trips to the village, watching birds through his marvellous camera. He also taught us to study birds population through GPS. Nellie Maam’s constant encouragement will never be forgotten. The motherly care given by Arnabi Ma’am and Jyotsna Ma’am will always be remembered by us. - Dristi Parmar, DPS Raipur
Dear Ma’am,
Hope you are doing fine.

This was the first time that we’d sent Trinav to venture out of home without any one of us accompanying him. He’s basically an introvert and has a mind of his own. So we were undeniably an apprehensive set of parents while he was away at the Braveheart Eco Camp at Gailpur. But all our doubts were cleared when he hugged me at the station and said, “I’ll go there next year too.” He enjoyed his time through and through and picked up a few lessons to be self-reliant, which is so very important in today’s world. But most of all, we are glad that he became attuned with nature and learnt to respect and marvel at some other creatures of this world, enjoyed a slice of India’s glorious history and observed children in a community school from a very close quarter. It is indeed a great job to lay out such an itinerary to cover within such a short time.

I thank you, the Team Braveheart and the escort teachers who left no stone unturned to provide the best of facility, food, security and comfort for all the children who had been at the November camp. To facilitate them with all these, and especially supplying them with delectable dishes at every meal time is undoubtedly a Herculean job!

Thank you, Ma’am, for conceptualizing this unique idea. Thank you for beckoning the children to see the world beyond the concrete jungles. A special thanks goes to Biswajit Sir, Arnavi Ma’am and Jyotsna Ma’am for being such wonderful mentor teachers.
With warm regards,
- Yours sincerely
Bikash Arandhara, Guwahati